Saturday, April 30, 2011

Extra Extra,UFP update.............

Well I am making slow-progress on my latest
U-n F-inished P-roject. It's the Pebble Rippel
quilt that more than likely will have a new name
before it's done. LOL  I started it 2 retreats ago
and worked on it agin this last retreat and  I continue
to work on it because it is still a UFP.

I am sewing
the rows
togather now.
It will have a
border to make
 it float and
then a pieced
brder to go
that extra mile.
When you put
forth alot of
effort to make
a quilt look nice
Go that extra
mile to make it
  G R E A T !
You can do it!
You are Worth It !

Cool Gadgets ! !

I love a cool gadget.....My friend  Marty had this on her
table at this last retreat and as we sat there the more
I had to have it. So I pulled out my "smart phone" and
pulled that puppy up and 1 2 3 it was on it's way to my
house. It's from a scrapbook company and it's called
 "Scrap Mabob"?

Spencer  says "Mommy likes it cause the bag is deeper
and the cup holder will hold a large diet Dr.P " Ruff!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

..........and the other Pictures

The next 2 quilts are my friend Lauren's. I wish
I would have taken more pictures but I was working
and it went by so fast. And I want to mention Lauren
Won 6 ribbons out of 8 quilts entered, not a bad

  The next quilt belongs to my other friend "Pamela"
This is her "Tree of Life" such a beautiful wall hanging
and the colors ....awesome.

And the last quilt here just something that caught my
eye... Maybe one day project?

Other Quilting Profesionals I know...

This  is  Pam
She  won  a
First Place Ribbon
 on her first quilt
entered in a show
ever.It  is  Hand
appliqued and
Hand Quilted
(it only took 10
years to finish)
But it truly dose
deserve the ribbon
it adorns.
friend... Thanks
for the feathers

Monday, April 11, 2011

West Houston Quilters Guild ...Quilt Show!

This is the first time I have ever entered ANYTHING
ANYWHERE? I have been so blesses with a great group
of quilting buddies and they have all contributed to my
knowledge in some way form or fashion. I have been quilting
now for approx. 4.5 years and have done about 15quilts.
I never thought of putting them in the show (I'm kinda shy
 like that :0) Any way I finally broke down and decided to
 put 2 quilts in this show.The first one is my prize possession
( I thought) it's my One Block Wonder? Then the second
one is a quilt I designed from a little 2"x 3" picture I saw in a
magazine that the article was about the batting (no pattern)
9 patches.That was it, that was all I was going to do and
when I told my bee they couldn't believe I was not entering
 "My Bella Senoras" quilt.They didn't stop till I entered it in
 the show and I am glad they did. It was the WINNER.
I entered my first quilt show three quilts and one out of three
 isn't bad. I won First Place in - machine applique/ machine
quilted 2 person quilt category.  Might I add, its on for next
year....I couldn't even sleep thinking of 2013 quilt show LOL.

 One Block Wonder  "Moonlit Jungle"

Soft 9 Patch       "Sweet Lady Amanda" 



And the WINNER IS........."Bella Senoras"

O' I can not believe I am going to post "MY Picture"
but the only reason is because I can not find a pic of
this quilt by itself.

Sorry, I don't know how to rotate this picture ;o(
But isn't it CUTE ?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Retreat, Did someone say retreat???? as I mentioned in my last post "I found a few things
for retreat". That's right last weekend was the Red Barn Retreat
3 days of sewing ,eating, sleeping, eating, laughing, more sewing...
O did I mention eating? Six home cooked meals with fresh home-
made bread and dessert at EVERY meal, yes that's right "6". No
I didn't need it but I did at least taste all of it.I will say I did not
over do it but I did take care of the urge to eat it all by just taking
a bite and walking away. Koodoos to me for that!

Well there is a plan to this whole retreat need to take at
least 3 or 4 projects ( make sure you take everything you need for
those projects). You should always take a least one that is almost
done, because you have got to have at least one TA DA moment :0)
while you there it's a esteem booster.

So here is a picture of my prep for my TaDa project and then ...

you guessed it,  TA DA ! !

  Ok, Next is a quilt I have had in my head for a while now
that I saw in a book. When I was still working for BB Quilts
Paula designed a fabric line, that as soon as I saw it I thought
of this quilt. The line of fabric is Reflections of an Era Past
it is awesome! I started to piece it at the last retreat last year
and have not been able to pick it up till now and although I
had 2 days of straight sewing it is still a work in progress.

Here is a sneak peak of it...........  I hope to have more
done next weekend and you know I will share with you.
That is pretty much all I got done that weekend aside
from all the lunch and laughter :0) Stay post
Quilt Show...OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

What shall I post first?

So much has happened in the past few weeks. I've decided
to post them in the order in which they happened.  First I was
able to go on the shop hop with my friends A few weeks ago
on my Friday off. I was so excited I could hardly stand it :0)
It was a blast Me,Penny,Pamela and Georgia in our car and
Celeste,Pat,Hilde and Lavita (feel like I'm missing someone)
in the other car.We hoped from store to store and found treasures
along the way. Of coarse the real reason we get to gather is the
 "Lunch and Laughter" and we were off again...
I found a couple things I needed for retreat and to design this
cute little "Green" apron below.

Now Keep in mind we have our quilt show in a couple weeks
and everyone on the committee had to design their own apron
and this is my Ode to Tom Russell..................