Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oh and This Came along too,,,,,

Meet Sir Spencer Humphrey***

The days are gone by....

   Hi all I've missed blogging and soo much has been
going on.Such is life, and we adjust adapt and over
come. I  was  happyat Bonnie Blue Quilts and just
when you get settled He rocks the boat to remind
you Who is in control. When I realized I was going
to be looking for a new job....I Thought, What can
I do NOT to have to return to the" Retail Sales"
world. I thought about Curves, and the YMCA. But
 I thought about A Church, I am sure there is alot
of work that needs to be donein a Church and I
would love to be in that kind of enviorment!
   Well the next thing I knew I had a friend who's
daughterworks at a Bible College (Church enviorment)
 Loooooong story short,  I start my new job this Monday
and I am so excited! God knows His plans for me
and they are Good, and they are designed for me.
Sometimes we try to "Drive" the car and we take
detours and wrong turns when all we have to do is
give God the  steering wheel. And believe in "YOU"
You know I use to think about these people in the
streets and even though my heart ached and even
though I gave money. I thought they don't have to
be there they CHOOSE to be there. I know sometime
life is hard and you may get a bad deal. But you have
the same opportunity as the most successful
people in the world. Lets face it "Life Is What it is,
 It's up to you "What you do with it"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's about choice , God gives us the FREEDOM to choose?
What will you Choose ???