Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Anyone Hungry....?

Ready or not it's Thanks Giving Day on Thursday, time for
Family,Love,Fun and of corse FOOD ! My Daddy loved
this time of the year he was sure to have me and my  brother
here around the house most of the day. It's been 2 years since
he went home to be with the Lord and I do still miss him. But
I am very thankful for him and my mom for all the love they gave
and give to us. I also want to say I am very thankful for, my Bee
members and co-workers,and my Bosses they all have a special
place in my heart. I am Thank-FULL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Thanks Giving to everyone, I want to leave you with a
 thought. If there is any wonder where we are as humans , we
must wonder where we have been and what we are allowing
the world to do as a whole.WE must bring family back together
again, Sunday was once a day of family and rest now we work.
Just the other day it was announced that there will be stores open
on Thanks Giving Day (what is wrong with this picture?)
The problem is.... there will be customers at those locations
spending Money. A professor from some collage of business 
says that if it is a $ucce$$ more stores will follow suit next year..
Sad thing is the Monetary Value WE have put on the true meaning
of Christmas...I don't know it's jut a thought I have?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Don't think about it just do it.....

Almost every time I think I have time to sew or I need to finish
a project. I find my self piddling around and before I know it
I've ran out of time. I can not sew when there is stuff every where,
so my piddling around is cleaning. And I have to straighten up
before I can get started it's a vicious cycle.

So what I did last nite was PRE-pare to sew today, I cleaned
up last nite and this morning I was able to.... Just do it!!!!
I finished the last 30 blocks of the 72 I need for an exchange.
I still have time before they are due but I feel I can not start
something new till get ol' business done. Call me Crazy ?

And as for tomorrow I will be working on a new design
that I started at the last retreat and got stumped on what
I wanted to do. I have something in mind and so I will be
working on that tomorrow.... wish me luck . Blog at U later!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I made it ... Through and I enjoyed it !!!

Hi Everyone, I've also missed y'all I have been busy at Bonnie Blue
 and with market and festival. I had a blast but my body is craving a
 break. We had a really great show and I enjoyed seeing and meeting
a lot of quilters and hearing there stories. I did make a list and I did
set a budget and, woman to woman ( & man), well you must know
how that went :0) !!! We spent Monday unloading and filling orders
busy days,we had 4 kits SOLD OUT at the show and all of our new
quilts are on the web site you need to go check them out. Look for a
news letter for a warehouse sale coming soon. If you are not on the
list go to the website and request to be added to the news letter list ...
go to info@bonniebluequilts.com  Stay tuned I am going to be showing
all my findings, and hopefully some FINISHED projects SOOOOOOON
Blog y'all later. Leave a comment and let me know what you found.