Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello...R U Ready ?

 I am in the process of  narrowing down the most
important things that are on my list. Mostly by
prioritizing my "NEEDS". Oh I need to add a #4
to the things you need to know...SET A BUDGET !!!

 No worries let's just have FUN that's what it's all
about and get ready to walk and walk and walk.
Buzzard...I forgot to say there is one thing at the
festival you get FREE >>>  IDEAS. So take a
pen and paper and a camera !!!
Well I'm sleepy so blog you later......

Please sign in and comment on my blog.....Thnkx

Friday, October 15, 2010

Ready Set SHOP !!!!

OMG are you ready....? It's count down till
International Quilt Festival in H-Town !!
You must see this, it has everything
 you want and more!  But you Must follow these three
1. You must have a LIST and a PLAN!
2. If you see something (impulse) walk away from it and wait 20
     minutes if you still can not live without it go take a second look
    and before you buy it size it up..what will I do with it, when will
     I and how often will I use it..
3. Don't buy a UFO if you are not ready to use it within 10 days
     chances are it will become a UFO...be strong!!!
Count down 18 days till ....INQF

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Intense Stress

OMG ! Talking about Intense Pressure but I am
almost finished and I can see the dim light at the
end of the tunnel. I am piecing a quilt for Bonnie
Blue Quilts (as if that wasn't enough pressure in
itself) it will go on tour at Market and IQF in
Houston 2010" I've done this before  but this
one is more intense because it is for me more...
lets just say 104 flying geese in the border and
in each of the 25 blocks there are 8 flying geese
that is 200 so you see a total of 304 flying geese
is indeed Intense and whats even more crazy is
that this is my first time I've ever made a flying
geese fly. I am honored to have even been asked
to piece it in the first place,Thanks for trusting
me Paula. I will have to ask for permission  to post
a sneak peak here. Well that's it for now, Blog you soon :0)