Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tic-Tock Tic-Tock Another Coocoo from the Clock....

    Yes, My Love ones, I am Excited about that
Coo coo... Not so much for the wrinkles that
now adorn my cute little face. Nor the aches
and  pains  in  places  I  would  have   never 
    It's because of all of you..that the Tic-Tock
 Tic-Tock from that ole clock which plays
 it's tune of time for me,that I am reminded
  just what a lucky girl I am. You've all inspired
  And so this is why I want to celebrate You
on my birthday....Thank you all !!
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pictures a do...

I figured it out ...Touch me I'm BAD ! Are they cute or what.
These are the Ladies that help me be the quilter I am. They
 inspire me and encourage me,you need these kind of people
 in your life they are...AWESOME. Now I just hope they are
 not upset cause they didn't know they would appear here. Sorry.
 Love,Baby Bee

Just a test.....

I am trying out my picture to blog talent.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Too Much Excitement Going on....

My oh my, this is awesome my Blog is on its way.
 I now have my first follower , Hi Paula thanks for
 your support your GREAT! And I know for a fact
I had a couple other visitors sneak a peak and maybe
 next time they drop by they will follow :0) .
     Other exciting news is my friend  Robin and her
 husband Paul just welcomed their first baby into our
world...Rebecca Ruby LeAnn Sutherlin was introduced
to us on June 25,2010 at a Prompt 11:51am Exactly
the way it was all planned...According to her not the
doctors (off by 7 days) but we are all happy to meet her
Congratulations Robin & Paul.

Monday, June 21, 2010

She who truly isn't a NUT!

Yes, She is not a NUT ! She is really Sweet, and Funny. She listens well and gives
great advise. She shares knowledge and opinion at the same measure. She is a friend , SHE is Cindy :0). Thanks ( Employee of the Centry)Cindy.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just Dropping in at the end of a full sewing weekend.I could not finish what I set out to do as fate would have it I fell short on the white on white fabric I need to be done with moms red and white quilt she started, that I will finish. Tuesday or Wednesday. But I did make a lot of progress
on my Kaleidoscope quilt I am piecing....and might I say myself "its kinda cute ! I WILL learn how to post pictures here before its all done and then I will 'Show & Tell". Happy Stitches.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Well I've done it !!

I'm finally on my way to creating a cute
place for you to come by and visit me!
How cute is this place, found this awesome

deign it is comfy-cozy.Come sit a spell and
lets chat about things we have in common.