Thursday, October 27, 2011

Can I Get a Do Over?

I have let my readers down I get so caught up in life
and I forget to stop and smell the roses. I need to get
 back to blogging I think what holds me back is I don't
know all the ins and outs of the art. It is easier to give 
up than to take on the challenge. Boohoo! I need to
grab this bugger by the horns  and buck this baby in gear!

So what I am saying is I am going to "Post More" and
believe me there is enough for me to write about! And
for those of you not in the quilting world. This is a BIG
couple of  weekends going on here in Houston it is the
International Quilt (market an festival) Show. Oh yes
I will be there!!! You can bet your BattinG! I will try
and take some Pictures to share here on "JALB" so
plezzzzzzzz buzzzzzzz back and check it out! Would
you do me a favor tell your friends to visit my blog it
would be an encouragement for me! Also would you
please sign in and leave a comment, it's the only way
I will know you stopped by. Love you and BLOG you later!