Thursday, October 27, 2011

Can I Get a Do Over?

I have let my readers down I get so caught up in life
and I forget to stop and smell the roses. I need to get
 back to blogging I think what holds me back is I don't
know all the ins and outs of the art. It is easier to give 
up than to take on the challenge. Boohoo! I need to
grab this bugger by the horns  and buck this baby in gear!

So what I am saying is I am going to "Post More" and
believe me there is enough for me to write about! And
for those of you not in the quilting world. This is a BIG
couple of  weekends going on here in Houston it is the
International Quilt (market an festival) Show. Oh yes
I will be there!!! You can bet your BattinG! I will try
and take some Pictures to share here on "JALB" so
plezzzzzzzz buzzzzzzz back and check it out! Would
you do me a favor tell your friends to visit my blog it
would be an encouragement for me! Also would you
please sign in and leave a comment, it's the only way
I will know you stopped by. Love you and BLOG you later!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Bring out the Designer in Me....

I issued a challenge to my friend and co-worker
using a Fat Quarter of my picking and she in turn
would pick one for me. So I had a fat quarter of
those ladies on the beach with peach and pear and
apple etc. bottoms really cute fabric. I was really
excited to see what she would bring me, well later
that night she called me and asked my favorite color.
Thinking to myself at least it will be something I
wouldn't mind looking at. When I got to work the
next day I ran in to see my fabric and she announced
that she would be making a quick trip down 59 south to
pick up my fabric (lunch break). So anticipating it's
arrival later that day I tried to imagine what I will do.
 So on their way out I yelled "make it a challenge"
"bring me an ugly piece of fabric", well that was a mistake!
When they returned all excited I jumped up to get it ...
and out of  the bag came this fabric..................
She said the look on my face was priceless. Any way as
you can see by the cut outs I didn't use much of the feathered
fabric. Well being the resourceful person that I am I did
ask for the opinions of my higher beings :o) ( The P&P clan)
and after I reviewed all the possibilities and all contemplation
this is what it lead to.......................

No I am not a cat
person, but he is a
little cute huh?
OK so as you saw
above I had alot of
the feathers left over
so that is what I used
on the back, perfect
fit and it serves as a
reminder of the orig.
fabric (mental note
here remember this)use
a piece of the original
fabric on the back...
simple but RICH touch!
We are our own worst
critics, He could have
been a little straighter?
I used the (come to think of it this is a border fabric) red and
blue stripe for binding any way enough of that gloating. Here
is what my friend Pam's fat quarter rendered. A cute reversible 
beach bag,with pockets and strangely placed handles.You can
 not see the handles here but they are placed front to back.

Life is full of challenges, take them and sew on them !