Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stris~n~Curves ?

I just have to post this before I go...Remember I
recently took a class to learn the curves ruler, Well
one of the firsts things the teacher tells you to do is
mark the "top" of the ruler with a sticker, so that
when your cutting all your blocks will be the same
etc.etc. Well I did, and lo and behold the teacher
picks my fabric up to use as a show and tell to teach
the class and turns out I put the sticker on the wrong
side of the ruler. Yeah that's right mine are backwards
from everyone else. So no big deal,the class must go on
and she picks another example.

Well when I get home I "Little Miss Know it All" decides
to continue to finish my blocks when I take them and put them
on my design wall all of a sudden I think "Turn the Ruler Over"
that's right the 2nd half of my blocks now go in the "right direction"
MEMO * I choose Christmas fabric for this project!

This is what I call a Designer's Opportunity! So Look at my
Christmas ornaments :0) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

It's Just a Peak cause its not done yet..But is it not Cute?

Packed and ready to go......

Everything is in the car and the car is all gassed up.
Departure will be at 7:30am to arrive at our destination
at a prompt 9am. then its "let the games and retreat-ing
start!" A full 2 1/2 days of sewing,chatting,napping,sewing,
eating, napping,sewing,laughing,strip poker-ing,chatting Oh,
did I forget eating (without having to cook it!) Priceless...
I dont know if I will be able to sleep tonite.. blog U later!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2 Days to Retreat.

OK, boy I didn't realize until I started writing it down just
what all I had to do. Well everything is pre-cut and in the
project boxes bags are ready, sewing machine is packed
and ready, strips for porker game, batik fatqrt for drawing,
TV tray for iron & iron in the bag. Personal stuff packed
ie. clothes etc. and bedding and a book on my nook "Matilda".

Now tomorrow,when I get home I will go to my friends home
to gas up the car and help her pack her things into the car and
 add my stuff . I will be driving this time :0) ....Well that's all for
now. I will blog tomorrow about the packing and how that went
then is we are on target..Mostly I Just can not wait till Fri.8am!!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Retreat here I come............

  Red Barn Retreat Count down  3 days till departure.
I have one project in the box and packed.Another I
need to cut some cheddar and it will be ready to box.
Strips and curves is on the wall (wait till you see this)
all I have to do is piece 10 blocks and it is ready to be
boxed. Last but not least my exchange blocks and parts,
I'm taking this just in case.

   I have my secret sister gifts, My Strips of fabric to play
strip poker, my batik fat qt. for drawing,and my snacks!

  Oh my God, and that don't even include bedding&pillow,
clothes, essentials and my Nook "Matilda" oh no will I 
make it ? Am I forgetting anything? Gotta go to many
things to do wish me luck.  Update tomorrow :0)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Working at it...

          I am working to keep my readers happy,
 by trying  to be a better more consistent blogger.
No sewing today just home from work where I had
fun kitting kits. Let me take this opportunity to invite
you to our site and you can see all the fruits of my
labor. I work for the most brilliant designer of Civil
War Inspired quilts, fabric, and stories.Paula Barnes
of Bonnie Blue Quilts. So Come on over to our site
and take a look around.   No...I cannot forger her
partner  a true brain when it comes to the sewing
and remembering things that need to be done (most
of the time), Mary Ellen. Love these guys and their quilts  Come by.

   Well that's it for today got to get ready...Going to a
Pampered Chef Party with friends. I Let you know
how that went. Cloudy and hot& a little rain........
Happy Stitching!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Called out on the Carpet

Ok .. Ok.. Guilty as Charged !! At our guild
meeting tonite A dear and Loving Friend
(Who by the way has just had His Award Winning
Quilt published in the Newest NQA. Magazine)
By the name of "Tom Russell."(Congrats Friend !)
has Called me out on the Carpet...and I am giving
 no excuses as to not blogging and I Will Do Better!

And this is why I've posted "3" posts tonite !! That is a favorite
of mineTom, and thanks for keeping me on my P's & Q's.

Comming Soon.....!

Me and my friends on the road trip to Rockport
went to take a "Strips and Curves" class useing
that ruler. A blast was had by all and here is a
"Sneak Peak" of that quilt,(Comming Soon to
My Blog near You  :0) Here is the peak....... 

A Quilter or Piecer ?

Well I tryed to quilt this weekend past and it frustrated
me till I gave up, maybe another day. I was doing it because
I claim to be a "quilter" but I have never "quilted". So as the
title goes.......A '"Quilter or Piecer? Can I claim to be a quilter
If I've never done it? Or am I just a piecer?  Hi My Name is
Jackie A quilt top designer and piecer :0)?