Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2 Days to Retreat.

OK, boy I didn't realize until I started writing it down just
what all I had to do. Well everything is pre-cut and in the
project boxes bags are ready, sewing machine is packed
and ready, strips for porker game, batik fatqrt for drawing,
TV tray for iron & iron in the bag. Personal stuff packed
ie. clothes etc. and bedding and a book on my nook "Matilda".

Now tomorrow,when I get home I will go to my friends home
to gas up the car and help her pack her things into the car and
 add my stuff . I will be driving this time :0) ....Well that's all for
now. I will blog tomorrow about the packing and how that went
then is we are on target..Mostly I Just can not wait till Fri.8am!!!!

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