Monday, August 23, 2010

Retreat here I come............

  Red Barn Retreat Count down  3 days till departure.
I have one project in the box and packed.Another I
need to cut some cheddar and it will be ready to box.
Strips and curves is on the wall (wait till you see this)
all I have to do is piece 10 blocks and it is ready to be
boxed. Last but not least my exchange blocks and parts,
I'm taking this just in case.

   I have my secret sister gifts, My Strips of fabric to play
strip poker, my batik fat qt. for drawing,and my snacks!

  Oh my God, and that don't even include bedding&pillow,
clothes, essentials and my Nook "Matilda" oh no will I 
make it ? Am I forgetting anything? Gotta go to many
things to do wish me luck.  Update tomorrow :0)

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