Thursday, August 19, 2010

Working at it...

          I am working to keep my readers happy,
 by trying  to be a better more consistent blogger.
No sewing today just home from work where I had
fun kitting kits. Let me take this opportunity to invite
you to our site and you can see all the fruits of my
labor. I work for the most brilliant designer of Civil
War Inspired quilts, fabric, and stories.Paula Barnes
of Bonnie Blue Quilts. So Come on over to our site
and take a look around.   No...I cannot forger her
partner  a true brain when it comes to the sewing
and remembering things that need to be done (most
of the time), Mary Ellen. Love these guys and their quilts  Come by.

   Well that's it for today got to get ready...Going to a
Pampered Chef Party with friends. I Let you know
how that went. Cloudy and hot& a little rain........
Happy Stitching!!!

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