Friday, September 10, 2010


Shhh... Don't alert anyone as soon as they realize
it they'll want something. My plans are to sew.
I am going to sit behind my sewing machine until
I FINISH something, anything, what ever I put under
the needle, but FINISH is the GOAL!!!! Wish me luck!
Blog you tomorrow with the update.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hello...anyone there?

Just dropping a mini-blog at ya. Had a great weekend
but I worked Monday, we are having a group of lady's
from Kingwood Quilters Guild come in on Thursday
for shopping. We have to prepare and that means
organize and clean. We are ready but at the same time
getting things ready to go on the road. Needless to say
I'm pooped my feet hurt and I need sleep...Goodnight!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Look left, now Look right.....Did U see that?

Which way did that Week go? And its over it went by sew fast.
Well tomarrow we take my Grandma home, 6hrs in a car :0)
I will be taking "Matilda" my nook and read my book, and a
couple projects, to bad you can't sew in the car.But if you could
Me and Mary Ellen would both be on it!

 But we will be back on Monday, and since its a holiday I think I
will SEW! I've got a few projects to work on and some to start
cutting out. I have been asked to make a Sample quilt for..........
Bonnie Blue Quilts ! I am honored that they ask me and trust
me and my quality of work enough to put such a big responsibility
in my hands. Thank you Paula & M.E. OK I will Blog you later! 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just a peak....

As you see I lost my focus on the projects
this past weekend... but I maneged to start
my new quilt here is Just a Peak :
I won first place in flat projects "black &white"                                                                                      
strip challenge with this...                                                                                                      

Marty won first place with the "B&W" with blue purse category
and can I just say she started Friday when we got there and finished
Friday night, just in time for judging..way to go Marty!
And over all winner was Polly with this cute little number                                                                          
Here is an honorable mention....Pam's purse                                                                                             

Many Blessings!

Life is sometimes so jumbled up, and busy it
sometimes gets real complicated we miss the
Many Blessings. I was feeling a little bummed
about "stuff" and my dear sweet friend Connie
made me this out of the kindness of her heart
she is always thinking of people so I want to
Blog Her A Thank you,Shout out,Love ya Gal!

This is my friend Connie                                                                                                

Hello I'm home ...

We had a blast at retreat and I think I OD'd on sweets :0)
Oh my God the owner's husband is the cook and he Rocks
the Oven BIG time,Don't want to bore you with details,but let
me just say homemade cakes, homemade bread, and a HUGE
Homemade Cinnamon roll Sunday morning...that's all I'm saying.

Well my secret sister also hit the big time "Love You" spot in my
heart, She made me the black and white sewing machine mat I asked for,

and then she gave me the left overs and I went crazy making me this

Is it not cute?another retreater had one so i just
looked and got an idea and the rest was hisotry!
Thank you secret sister Ms.Georgia and she also
 gave me these things of witch I will put to good use...