Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hello I'm home ...

We had a blast at retreat and I think I OD'd on sweets :0)
Oh my God the owner's husband is the cook and he Rocks
the Oven BIG time,Don't want to bore you with details,but let
me just say homemade cakes, homemade bread, and a HUGE
Homemade Cinnamon roll Sunday morning...that's all I'm saying.

Well my secret sister also hit the big time "Love You" spot in my
heart, She made me the black and white sewing machine mat I asked for,

and then she gave me the left overs and I went crazy making me this

Is it not cute?another retreater had one so i just
looked and got an idea and the rest was hisotry!
Thank you secret sister Ms.Georgia and she also
 gave me these things of witch I will put to good use...

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