Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stris~n~Curves ?

I just have to post this before I go...Remember I
recently took a class to learn the curves ruler, Well
one of the firsts things the teacher tells you to do is
mark the "top" of the ruler with a sticker, so that
when your cutting all your blocks will be the same
etc.etc. Well I did, and lo and behold the teacher
picks my fabric up to use as a show and tell to teach
the class and turns out I put the sticker on the wrong
side of the ruler. Yeah that's right mine are backwards
from everyone else. So no big deal,the class must go on
and she picks another example.

Well when I get home I "Little Miss Know it All" decides
to continue to finish my blocks when I take them and put them
on my design wall all of a sudden I think "Turn the Ruler Over"
that's right the 2nd half of my blocks now go in the "right direction"
MEMO * I choose Christmas fabric for this project!

This is what I call a Designer's Opportunity! So Look at my
Christmas ornaments :0) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

It's Just a Peak cause its not done yet..But is it not Cute?

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