Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sir Spencer Humphrey Today ....

A little Longer and as cute as ever....
He's got a case of funny hair every where, my mom
wants to cut it. But I think it gives him Caricature !






Bubba ...... LOL  :})

Friday, March 18, 2011

I will.... I will.......

  OK here we go I am not as talented as Some of My friends
Hint Hint "Tom Russell" when it comes to writing a blog.
But I would like to think I do a pretty good job...OK ......
Fair job at it?  I am missing my quilting family a lot, do
 to my new job but I am truly blessed to have found it with
the economy the way it is.
   OK, Now since you heard mention of a Dear friend, Meet
Tom Russell at his "New Blog"  He is such a great teacher
and very talented quilter. He shares his love of the art with
every one. And just has the sweetest spirit about him, so go
check him out at the link below...You are in for a treat ! ! !

  As for me I have been busy with the new job, but I have
managed to get a few things done. I finished my round
robin (un even grid) blocks for March and April. I went
a head and finished April's to get ahead in case something
came up... you know how that happens...Right?
 I also finished 72 blocks for an all over quilt exchange
with a group of friends that I'm so excited about and can
not wait to see come to gather. I might shoot to break
the record of most quilts entered in WHQG show by
any one person at one time....Now of corse that will be
in 2013 :0) but it's a GOAL !!! Lets see how that goes?

Speaking of quilt shows the "West Houston Quilt Guild"...
Presents " In a Quilters Garden" quilt show this year.
At the  Leonard E. Merrell Center in Katy Texas.
Located at : 6301 South Stadium Lane Katy,Tx. 77494
Right off  I-10 freeway. I will have 3 quilts in this show
and it is my first time to enter any quilt anywhere !
Quilt Show Virgin...Yep..This is it and even if I don't
win a ribbon it is all for the experience and FUN.
Well I do have a lot of things going on that I want to
do and as I do I will post them and try to be a better
blogger. I also will work on getting the photos from
my camera to my computer to share (TOM).:0)
That's it for today Blog you Latter. XOXO's