Saturday, November 13, 2010

Don't think about it just do it.....

Almost every time I think I have time to sew or I need to finish
a project. I find my self piddling around and before I know it
I've ran out of time. I can not sew when there is stuff every where,
so my piddling around is cleaning. And I have to straighten up
before I can get started it's a vicious cycle.

So what I did last nite was PRE-pare to sew today, I cleaned
up last nite and this morning I was able to.... Just do it!!!!
I finished the last 30 blocks of the 72 I need for an exchange.
I still have time before they are due but I feel I can not start
something new till get ol' business done. Call me Crazy ?

And as for tomorrow I will be working on a new design
that I started at the last retreat and got stumped on what
I wanted to do. I have something in mind and so I will be
working on that tomorrow.... wish me luck . Blog at U later!

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