Saturday, April 30, 2011

Extra Extra,UFP update.............

Well I am making slow-progress on my latest
U-n F-inished P-roject. It's the Pebble Rippel
quilt that more than likely will have a new name
before it's done. LOL  I started it 2 retreats ago
and worked on it agin this last retreat and  I continue
to work on it because it is still a UFP.

I am sewing
the rows
togather now.
It will have a
border to make
 it float and
then a pieced
brder to go
that extra mile.
When you put
forth alot of
effort to make
a quilt look nice
Go that extra
mile to make it
  G R E A T !
You can do it!
You are Worth It !

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