Monday, April 11, 2011

West Houston Quilters Guild ...Quilt Show!

This is the first time I have ever entered ANYTHING
ANYWHERE? I have been so blesses with a great group
of quilting buddies and they have all contributed to my
knowledge in some way form or fashion. I have been quilting
now for approx. 4.5 years and have done about 15quilts.
I never thought of putting them in the show (I'm kinda shy
 like that :0) Any way I finally broke down and decided to
 put 2 quilts in this show.The first one is my prize possession
( I thought) it's my One Block Wonder? Then the second
one is a quilt I designed from a little 2"x 3" picture I saw in a
magazine that the article was about the batting (no pattern)
9 patches.That was it, that was all I was going to do and
when I told my bee they couldn't believe I was not entering
 "My Bella Senoras" quilt.They didn't stop till I entered it in
 the show and I am glad they did. It was the WINNER.
I entered my first quilt show three quilts and one out of three
 isn't bad. I won First Place in - machine applique/ machine
quilted 2 person quilt category.  Might I add, its on for next
year....I couldn't even sleep thinking of 2013 quilt show LOL.

 One Block Wonder  "Moonlit Jungle"

Soft 9 Patch       "Sweet Lady Amanda" 



And the WINNER IS........."Bella Senoras"

O' I can not believe I am going to post "MY Picture"
but the only reason is because I can not find a pic of
this quilt by itself.

Sorry, I don't know how to rotate this picture ;o(
But isn't it CUTE ?

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