Sunday, April 10, 2011

Retreat, Did someone say retreat???? as I mentioned in my last post "I found a few things
for retreat". That's right last weekend was the Red Barn Retreat
3 days of sewing ,eating, sleeping, eating, laughing, more sewing...
O did I mention eating? Six home cooked meals with fresh home-
made bread and dessert at EVERY meal, yes that's right "6". No
I didn't need it but I did at least taste all of it.I will say I did not
over do it but I did take care of the urge to eat it all by just taking
a bite and walking away. Koodoos to me for that!

Well there is a plan to this whole retreat need to take at
least 3 or 4 projects ( make sure you take everything you need for
those projects). You should always take a least one that is almost
done, because you have got to have at least one TA DA moment :0)
while you there it's a esteem booster.

So here is a picture of my prep for my TaDa project and then ...

you guessed it,  TA DA ! !

  Ok, Next is a quilt I have had in my head for a while now
that I saw in a book. When I was still working for BB Quilts
Paula designed a fabric line, that as soon as I saw it I thought
of this quilt. The line of fabric is Reflections of an Era Past
it is awesome! I started to piece it at the last retreat last year
and have not been able to pick it up till now and although I
had 2 days of straight sewing it is still a work in progress.

Here is a sneak peak of it...........  I hope to have more
done next weekend and you know I will share with you.
That is pretty much all I got done that weekend aside
from all the lunch and laughter :0) Stay post
Quilt Show...OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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