Monday, July 19, 2010

Then there was Joy ....

I Love My Job! And My Bosses. They are the owners
Of an online quilt shop..Bonnie Blue Quilts. But I am
soooo lucky to have met Two such AWESOME LADIES!.
I hope all of you can say the same because it really makes
a difference. I have weekends off and that is enough to
send me over the top,plus I work with one of my most
 favorite joys in the world.......Fabric and Quilts ok thats 2 joys!
Thanks Paula and Mary Ellen your the best!

Speaking of joys  "Joy Luck" is done and being quilted as we
 speak, here is another sneak peak....

I didn't get to join
in on time to do  "Sate Fair" but I feel the need for a Fair so
I will be doing this one too and here is a  Peak at it......

Ok Just the first block. Incert smile here :0)
I have about 3 projects going on at the same time. What about yall?
Well I've got to get some drawing done and planning for my
black and white  and...( Olivia?) quilt challenge. Blog at you soon!
In the meantime Tell someone that you havent told in a long time
that "you love them" , "Hug" someone that gets close enough,
"Smile" at someone who NEEDS it....after all thats what He
created us to Do! Happy Stitches!

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