Monday, July 26, 2010

Take a break....

I know every now and then one must take a break from all crafts.?
I have finished Joy Luck and its being quilted my friend in Katy TX.
Sharon Dixon she dose great all over long arm quilting. I can not
wait to see it. Also my (9 patch- not yet named) personal design
is also being quilted by another friend of mine in Katy TX, as well
"Things by Jane" she dose more custom designs on a domestic
machine. I think since this is my design I'm really excited to see it,
in fact Iam picking it up today on my way to Bee this morning!
Thanks, Sharon and Jane you guys are awesome!
   I didn't do much this weekend like I said just rested caught
up on some reading (the girls at work talked me into..."the Help")
I'm glad they did and I'm enjoying it.I also went "window" shopping
with my mom  and I found the "Nook" and she came home with me
her name is Matilda :0) Any suggestions on good reads?
Got to go now I will post updates and pic's on my quilts later this
week, can you believe July is at its end there is a deadline to meet.

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