Saturday, January 1, 2011

Which way did it go?

   Well I missed all of last month blogging, and all of last month
in general...gone. All that's left is the memories but that's OK
because they are all Good Ones! I had a wonderful Christmas
this year filled with fun, friends, parties, and food (a lot of food).
So last year was a bluer it went fast so I'm glad I journal
some memories and scrapped it too (good pictures) sorry I
can not share them they are not on my computer maybe this
year if I can get a better camera (a Goal).
   More about this year later I am working my planner right
now and I will share at a later date.......
   I do know one thing its going to be a BIG YEAR!
blog you later love you and may your 2011 be full of
the things that really matter!!!
Shout out to Cindy, thanks for reading and encouragement!

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